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For Yumpy
Simple Pixel Commission
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Athelas by XxSlow-BurnxX
Commission for TBird on the fantasy wolf rpg Myth!
phoenix by XxSlow-BurnxX
Don't have a name yet, but I'm reworking my old character Crinum, giving her a harder edge~

edit ;; think i'm gonna stick to this for now, idunno
Breaking Boundaries by XxSlow-BurnxX
Breaking Boundaries
A very much delayed gift back to the lovely :icondarkside-cookie: who completed this beautiful version of Caesar as a gift to me for being her lucky 1,800th watcher! <da:thumb id="496151243">
Go check her out if you already haven't!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States


I like things.

I draw sometimes, too.


Call me Hyssie.

Commission Page: OPEN

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 7, 2013, 6:06 PM

***Open only to those who ask***
Wow, so I know it's been a while since I've last had these open, and there have been several changes in both price and what's being offered, as well as how order will proceed, so bear with me, guys ;o;
But otherwise, lemme just try and make this as cute and simple as possible!

I love you guys.
Your support and comments are phenomenal help to me and it never fails to blow my mind that someone out there thinks I'm not doing that bad of a job out there.
Really, guys. Thank you, all of you, new and old alike. Even if we've never spoken before, you have my deepest thanks.

SO NOW allow me to introduce the important stuff regarding point commissions, as you guys will notice that I only have icons up for sale through points on my commissions page. I am still taking them, but you won't find them open unless asked specifically for a point commission payment.
These work a little differently. Let me explain how. Given my new commission order information, the price of things may very depending on the complexity of what is being asked within the order, and since there are SO many offers and packages listed, it's really just more simple to create individual and specific purchase options for the buyer alone. So yes, I'm still taking point commissions, but they have to be requested. 

Do not comment on this commission journal if you are looking to request a commission order. Please send a note. Comments will be ignored and hidden unless they're questions regarding something for clarity.
Remember to note me with the filled out form!

Also be aware that 100pts = $1 USD

DO NOT DONATE THE POINTS TO ME. Purchase them on my commission widget.

My Paypal:

The form:
Character Name: The name of your character.
Sex: Male or female?
Eye color: Even if you have a reference, you must list this as the general color.
Reference: Reference images are required unless this is a very, very simple, basic design (i.e. black wolf with red eyes and bat wings)
Action: What do you want your character to be doing? (i.e. running, jumping, flying, etc.) This is an optional field. You can choose to leave it up to me.
Additional Characters: I take references only.
Order: Are you ordering individually or are you ordering a package. If you're ordering a package, which one? 
Details: Anything I should explicitly remember while completing your order? Specifics? These can also be special requests, such as asking for particular accessories, etc. If so, remember to include references, I cannot stress this enough.
Payment Method: By points or by paypal?
Final Price: This will be reviewed by me once you send in the order via note. I may ask that you raise or lower the amount given the amount of work that I'll be doing, so before jumping the gun I must give you the all clear before payment can be given and the images begun. 
Copy and paste the form as is in the note. Wanna keep this clean.

In the note, I want you to change the name of the subject of the note to "Pickles". Why? Because that lets me know that you've read everything up until this point and understand. No pickles, no service!

Here are the examples!

Chibi Example Gif by XxSlow-BurnxX

  • Sketch $5
  • Lineart $8
  • Flat $10
  • Soft Shading $12-15
  • Cell Shading $12-15
  • Additional Characters cost $5 more.

Pixel Example Gif by XxSlow-BurnxX

  • Sketch $5
  • Lineart $8
  • Flat $10
  • Simple Shading $12-15
  • Complex Shading $15-18
  • If you want it animated, it's an additional $10
  • Additional Characters cost $5 more.

Bust Example Gif by XxSlow-BurnxX
  • Sketch $6
  • Lineart $8
  • Flat $10
  • Full Shading $15-20
  • Additional Characters cost $6 more.

Full Bodies
Full Example Gif by XxSlow-BurnxX
  • Sketch $10
  • Lineart $12
  • Flat $15
  • Soft Shading $20-30
  • Cell Shading $20-30
  • Additional Characters cost $8 more.

      credits : journal CSS © Necerti

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